AGR-255: Strategies for Reclaiming Hay Feeding Areas

PR-792: 2020 Long-Term Summary of Kentucky Forage Variety Trials

AGR-252: Soil Sampling Pastures and Hayfields

AGR-254: Grain Drill Calibration: Don't Make a Mistake--CALIBRATE!

AGR-257: Hay Sampling: Strategies for Getting a Good Sample 

ID-262: Considerations for Utilizing Frozen Small Grains for Forage 

PR-791: 2020 Annual Grass Report: Warm Season and Cool Season (Cereals)

PR-784: 2020 Tall Fescue and Bromegrass Report

PR-789: 2020 Cool-Season Grass Grazing Tolerance Report

PR-790: 2020 Cool-Season Grass Horse Grazing Tolerance Report 

PR-783: 2020 Orchardgrass Report

PR-787: 2020 Alfalfa Grazing Tolerance Report

PR-788: 2020 Red and White Clover Grazing Tolerance Report

PR-793: Kentucky Corn Silage Hybrid Performance Report, 2020

PR-785: 2020 Timothy and Kentucky Bluegrass Report

PR-786: 2020 Annual and Perennial Ryegrass and Festulolium Report 

PR-793: Kentucky Corn Silage Hybrid Performance Report

AEN-156: Using a Kit to Set up a Cattle Scale System under a Squeeze Chute

ID-264: Feeding Corn Silage to Beef Cattle

AEN-155: The Importance of Water Source Layout in Farm Infrastructure

AGR-253: Identifying Freeze Damage in Wheat

AEN-153: How Understanding and Managing Soil Organic Matter Can Improve Beef Cattle Production

AEN-154: Land- and Water-use Planning Applied to a Pasture-based Beef Operation

AEN-152: Building a Hoop Barn

AGR-18P: Grain, Forage, and Cover Crop Guide for Kentucky

ID-263: Alternative Protein Sources for Cattle

ASC-244 Feeding Distillery Stillage to Beef Cattle

AEN-150: Understanding Soil Mechanics to Improve Beef Cattle Winter-Feeding Areas and Production

AEN-151: Lanes for Beef Cattle Operations

AGR-6: 2021 Weed Control Recommendations for Kentucky Grain Crops